Next Level Training Center is now open in Monroe, NY!

Life is too short to put your hopes in another fad, another theory, another wall of mirrors and treadmills. Our passion is to inspire and drive YOU to be your best. We provide the community, accountability, and proven process that it will take to get you there.

Why Next Level Training Center?

We strongly feel that every young athlete that comes through our doors has the potential to be ELITE in their chosen sport. Our focus is to develop high school and collegiate athletes stressing the importance of building a strong foundation through; proper weight training techniques, athletic conditioning, tailored exercise plans for their sport and equally important, an individualized nutritional coaching plan.

Elite Staff

Over 50 years of combined sports (professional & collegiate) and training experience.

Total Performance

We utilize trusted and proven training techniques used to build the world's best athletes and deliver them in age-appropriate programs led by our expert coaches.

Complete Athlete

Programs designed to build a strong training foundation around strength, motivation, education and nutrition.

New Facilities

Our training center offers multilayered infill turf and customized equipment for peak performance.

The NLTC Facility

Grand Opening - February 18, 2019

The NLTC Team

Coach John Rahn

Coach JR has 10+ years of elite athletic development and runs his own power performance training business in Monroe, NY called “Believe Elite Athletic Training” that caters to elite athletes of all sports; but he has been playing basketball his entire life and also brings with him 2 years of college basketball experience. His unique range of experiences that includes training many athletes at the Div I, Professional & Olympic level allows Coach JR to package his lessons and introduce young athletes to the importance of proper movement & power training technique with a focus on nutrition and balance in their life at an age where they are still forming good habits!

Coach Kieran Begley

For the last 15 years, Coach Kieran has been coaching, training and developing basketball players from 4 years of age all the way up to the Division I and Professional level. He draws a lot of his drills and life lessons from his 10+ years of playing and coaching college basketball to his countless hours spent studying the game in books & videos and exposed to some of the best coaches in the game at camps and clinics and NBA practices and workouts around the country.

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