Private 1-on-1, Small Group & Team Training

If you are in search for private instruction for an individual, small group or team, please take a look below at our pricing structure and then complete our Private Training Interest Form below.

1-on-1 | 1hr



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Small Group/Team | 1hr

2-4 athletes = $50/athlete

5-9 athletes = $40/athlete

10-14 athletes = $20/athlete

15+ athletes = $15/athlete

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Creating a strong foundation is the key to success in skill work. The foundation is made up of three major components: Footwork, Balance, and Speed. During this program, we will focus on combining these elements to create the optimal level of production.

Injury Prevention

In any contact sport, injuries are likely to happen, but there are many exercises to prevent these injuries from occurring. Making sure our athletes get the proper training of injury prevention is one of our main priorities.


The food that you put into your body directly relates to how you perform. Fueling your body with the right ingredients is the most important basis of being a strong and healthy athlete. The “dos” and “don’ts” will be discussed throughout the course of this program.


Being an athlete is a serious task, but making sure you're having fun is very important. Through the use of games and activities, you can gain knowledge and perfect the three focus groups listed above! We want our athletes to learn, improve, and have fun while doing it!