Private 1-on-1, Small Group & Team Training

If you are in search for private instruction for an individual, small group or team, please take a look below at our pricing structure and then complete our Private Training Interest Form below.

1-on-1 | 30 Minutes


Small Group/Team | 60 Minutes

2-4 athletes = $50/athlete
5-9 athletes = $40/athlete
10-14 athletes = $20/athlete
15+ athletes = $15/athlete

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Penny Roberts

Speed, Footwork & Balance

Trainers will provide various speed/agility development, footwork and balance drills that are lacrosse-appropriate and will help to prevent injury

Self-Sufficient Drills

Trainers provide players with concepts, tools and drills that they can develop ON THEIR OWN. We firmly believe that in order for athletes to get better, they must maximize their purpose and focus when training, especially when they don't have a coach or trainer to push them!

Mindset & Focus

Through breathing, focus, visualization and mindfullness exercises, athletes will learn how important the mind is when training the body, when performing during games, and most importantly, in "crunch" time!