Knowledgable Staff & Guest Speakers

Between our in-house staff of knowledgable sports trainers in their respective fields and the guest speakers that we bring it to maximize our learning curve about each particular topic, we strive to bring you the latest and greatest info and strategies that will give you, your team or program that NXT Level edge!

Power & Speed Development

Total Performance focuses on strength development and an emphasis on conditioning – speed & agility. To perform at the elite level athletes need to have the strength to move and muscle makes the body move faster. Many youth athletes have quickness but do not have the technique to turn that into pure speed and explosiveness. Total performance brings it all together.

Longterm Athletic Development

The impact of proper training is our end goal as certified coaches and fitness professionals. The serious athlete and parents have to understand that this is a process that takes time. We have had exceptional results with athletes that accept this as part of the journey. Strength training and results are produced through hard work, healthy habits, and consistency.

Injury Prevention

We work to create a foundation and education on proper  training techniques, form, and help understand the process. This phase of training addresses any muscular imbalances, mobility issues, or anything that may hinder an athlete’s progress. Movement is something that should not be overlooked. Having a strong foundation will lead to serious positive results over time, keep athletes healthy and safe, and emphasize training smart. This is the first and most important phase as part of the Long-Term Athletic Development process.

Nutrition for Athletes

Nutrition is the key component of athletic success. It’s where the game changes, the results change, and you embody The Complete Athlete affecting your performance on the playing field. Athletes must consume the correct amount of calories in the proper nutrient ratios specific to their goals and training schedule.

Goal Setting

Learn about the NXT Level version SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-Based) Goal Setting techniques, strategies and an actual template that you can use with your athletes/teams!

Upcoming Seminars

All seminars will take place at the NXT Level Training Center facility in Monroe, NY.


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Thursday, Sept 5, 2019


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